Friday, September 03, 2010

Something in-between

I am busy with work, and I still do my little sketches, but i did not have the time to scan any of them.
On home front, wife is coming back in about a week, and I started my final countdown.
There is a lot to do before she comes back, from cleaning the house to finding the kids and making sure their nails are clipped and they are in a presentable condition all around.
And I love my wife and am incredibly happy to see her come back.
And now about this post.
So this time around, here is some concepts I did at a workshop back in times when I was still an employee.The task was to design a futuristic soldier with special and unique strengths and/ or superpowers coming from a particular nation, Kind of like some other country's version of Captain America. I did not know any better and did not want to go with Captain Czechoslovakia or Major Italy so I decided to simply go wit a Zulu Warrior.
It is not a finished design, but a sketch taken as far as possible within the given time.
I did not mind this design, but after the exercise I kind of forgot about it.
So here it is.
Cheers to all,