Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tying up loose ends

Lots of scrap work I found lying around.
Just dumping it all here so I can move on.
Not much else.
Have a good one,



Ah yes, first two are from the Guardians of Ga hoole game, one was a practice warmup and another was a color sketch which was eventually polished and used as a loading screen, I think.
I am not sure, because I left before the game was published.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Village of the Fairies

And other creatures, big and small :)These are cutouts from a rough version of a big poster done as a pitch for the facebook game.
Colors are a bit off and everything is rough, but I still kind of like it.
Rant wise,
I have a few but one in particular is about this letter I have received today from a phone company.
Well, they have sent me a letter informing me they are going to increase fees and charges to my fucking phone line which I never use since everyone in the family (and everyone else I know) have mobile phones and they are much more convenient and, as it turns out, much cheaper to use than the crappy land-line these fuckers are renting me.
Only reason I still keep My home phone is because my internet is delivered through the line.
Yet somehow they manage to dig out over 300 land line phone calls allegedly made from my phone every month and neatly invoice me for it all.
To make me even more pissed off second part of their letter is a sales pitch flogging their other crappy services delivered through their stupid wires such as movies (the ones that no one gives shit about any more but you can watch them on demand!) and some other useless crap like browsing internet on your TV or whatever the fuck else that some douchebag cooked up in his office where he gets paid to come up with crap no one needs and sell it to poor for 1.99 per day or week or whatever.So, point of the exercise, they want more money for already existing crap service and also want to sell me more crap services to the point where my wallet becomes their bitch.
Not that my wallet would make a good bitch to anyone as it is worn out, ugly and the only cash it holds is a single US dollar I stole from a stripper over in LA back in '08...
That's all for this time,


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another one of those ones

I did have fun painting this, but it did not turn out half as good as I thought it would.
But hey, I have something to post and that's a good thing. Well, I guess it is.
Next time I will try something a bit different and to put more effort in it as well.

Nothing much happening otherwise, I still like my work situation with relaxed office atmosphere where clothes, grooming and showers are optional .
I can even have a picture of a naked lady as my wallpaper with next to no complaint from HR department (my wife).
This is the best time of my life!

Cheers to all,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One of those nights...

...When you're drunk and think that taking a sexy photo is a good idea.
Or when you are moderatly drunk and think that using one of those photos as a reference is even better idea... :)
Well, I've been doing a lot of nit-picky asset placement, so I felt like taking a short break, and I found a fuzzy photo and decided to do a quick speedwhatever. It only took an hour, but that is never legitimate excuse.

Cheers to all,


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Watch me go !

Well, I'll be darned!
I wrote this cool post about what I am posting here, and then went on bragging about my new shoes and east European love for Adidas track outfits, and then windows decides to crash my Firefox, I save nothing and I loose all of my wisdom!
So fuck it, it was stupid anyhow.
Here's some fan art parody stuff ( some might call it Flinstones Uncut :) hehe), some more character design for a friend, and bits and bobs of a pitch for a project I did some time ago for this bunch of cool guys, and they allowed me to share some of it.
So there you go.
Cheers to all,Milenko

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Aw, crap!

Yeah, I am sure guaranteed to get fucking far, keeping my updates coming like this.
It has been over a month, and I have no excuse for not posting sooner.
I parted with all the freelance work I was doing and the "Vessel" is a single focus of my attention.
It is coming along nicely, and I am really happy with the progress, also hoping to be in a position to show some of the work so far, but it is not yet to happen.
Other projects are done, one of them being a facebook game called Galactic Trader, now in soft beta, which means you can play it. And I can comfortably recommend it to anyone keen to give it a go. you can also check some of the work I did for it on 3 blokes official website:
I am credited with the art direction, but I would describe my role more like Visual designer. I designed visual look of ships, planet surfaces and characters. I also did most of the textures, some of the models and renders for that one, but the real art direction, management, touching up and looking after the assets was done by Nick Frawley, an excellent guy all around, with incredible attention to detail and capacity to hold all the threads and look after every bit and bob of art at any particular time.
People who also contributed great deal were Toby Hewit, all around great young artist, Chris Vera, master 3D modeler, as well as my long time acquaintances Darren Roach and Pete Mullins :)
Also, the last game I worked on for the big studio, "Legend of the Guardians" (according to the Metacritic) is scoring better than the movie itself :)
I know that score of 66 is not putting it in the top of the charts, but it is far better than what studio did with their other projects recently. Anyhow, enough about work :)
My life is now as I always wanted it to be, I am much more mellow and am doing exactly what I always wanted. I just hope it all ends in a nice looking product I can be happy with.
When I am not working on the vessel, I am resting, exercising and helping my other poor friends who can not afford to get any paid work done.
One of those is a guy called Antonio, who is single handedly building a DS and an Iphone game called ToonfighterZ. Every month or so, I spare a couple of hours to do what I call the "fanart" of one of the characters from the game and then send it through for him to use and enjoy.
On my family front, I got this wobbly gym from a friend , it is a bit of a death trap (most likely because I assembled it poorly), but hey it was free, so I am using it.
So far it has not killed me, mostly due to my wife insisting to be near by when I exercise- to catch the flying, loose weight discs, odd popping screws and bits that came with it which I do not know how to use so I attached them to other bits that seemed to be the right fit. Most of the exercises I am doing I have invented myself- probably a reason why I have more muscles on one side of my body than the other (by more I mean three) but I have always been a rebel and I refuse to seek any advice from the people who actually know how to use that stuff.
My man-boobs are less soft on touch now, and even though the right one seems bigger than the left, I am still proud of my achievements.
Also, My abs, commonly referred to as the six pack ( more like five-pack in my case as the top left one refused to respond to the exercise) are now gently peeking through my soft belly cushion created by ten years worth of midnight 3 stacker sandwiches and other crap I used to load myself with.
Anyhow, I look better and feel better (in my world, asymmetrical chest and five abs is still better than nothing), but I am cautious as I know that some shit is always sneaking up on me from around the corner. Now to the art.
I am taking rest from the girly paintings, and the ones I do, I am saving for the book, which I will have to print this time around.
So here's a bunch of sketches and other stuff. It is all different but some of the ideas in there I would love to pursue further, if i get the time or the energy.
Wish you all the best, and hope my next post will be sooner than a month from now.