Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Last

Previous post was on April first. And this one is on April last.
Hence the title.
I have been busy like crazy over the past month, but I am proud to announce, I have finished firs pass on design and placement of the art in the entire "Vessel" Game.
Last few levels have actually reached level of finish, visual appeal and complexity we are aiming for so all that needs to be done now is to bring the rest of the game up there.
But that's why there's second art pass.
Stuff that remains is the hub world, game interface and animation of the main character and all the little critters.
I started working on animations and it is looking very promising.
Bottom line is I like the game, and that is something I always wanted.
We are still months from wrapping up so it should all look spiffy and sweet by the end.
I do not have much time as I have to get back to it.
There's some images below so I will talk about them a little.
From top down, first is Rosie Rocket, and that character design is a funny story.
Another day I was drinking some grape juice and I unwittingly spilled some on the tiled floor of my studio.
I forgot all about it and I stepped into it a couple of times as well as rolled my chair over it.
At some point late that evening, I looked at the stain and it looked to me like a woman with rockets flying out of her hair.
I thought it was really cool, but since I have tendency to forget a lot of stuff, and my wife has a tendency to clean my studio early in the morning, I decided to do a quick sketch to remind me of the whole thing.
next day I cleaned up that sketch a little, and threw in a bit of color at it, and the end result is Rosie.
She could be whatever, I don't know.
I also like my initial sketch muuch more than this quick clean pass, but stuff it, I might try to do something with it later.
But most likely, I will never come back to it.
Second sketch is just a bit of morning warm up I decided to share. Some Cowboys or whatnot.
And the final sketch is first pass on more detail art for my big "puzzle" piece- Attack on the Keep.
That one will probably take a while to finish, as I keep on sketching these squirmish situations and stuff.
So that it is for this time,

See you in May,





I'm convinced that everything you post is pretty sweet. But, the fact that you saw that top drawing in a Grape juice stain is just spectacular... I also have to say that I really love the cowboy images and the story telling in your last image there...seems like the goblin got a lucky attack and helped make sure that there where some nipples in this post...
Great stuff mate, can't wait to see stuff from the game..


Peter Yong said...

You're a bloody legend Milenko!

lach said...

super sweet

great stuff with getting all that vessel stuff done,
looking forward to seeing it all

Patrick said...

Wonderful!.I love when drawings tell me a story and make mind travel away.Milenko you rock!

flick said...