Thursday, August 25, 2011

AaandThe trailer is up:

Well, this is the first time the world has been shown the game in motion.
I hope someone likes it.
15 months of work, and still counting, but not much longer to wrap it up now :)
And then, noodie chicks and crazy creatures will flow like never before.




lach said...

Awesome effort Milenko (and all your vessel team...John,Mark etc)
Super stuf

Ben Newman said...

Looks really cool!

Vincenzo said...

Ahhh Noodies...the drought is finally over ;)

Congrats Milenko...wishing all the hard work receives it's due...and more!!!

All the best Amigo

Francesco Lupo said...

omg. this is awesome!! :D
congrats guys, i hope to play really soon this game!!


Ivan Šivak said...

Izgleda odlično!

cowboynoir said...

having had your half naked lady sketches scattered all over my inspiration folders, I can't believe you're making a game with zero sex appeal, and it still looks cool. Your awesome and I hope someday I can work for you.