Saturday, January 22, 2011

What the hell did I do...

Well, you see, it all started innocently.
I was on the phone, waiting to get through to the Salvation Army donation line, in order to donate some furniture I am not using any more for those flood victims that are all around me.
Finally, I got through to their customer service officer, only to find out they do not want my furniture or my big screen CRT TV (apparently they only accept donations of flat screen HD TV's and spiffy stuff they then sell in their stores) but, rather, want to put me through to another officer who can take my credit card details so they can get some of my money.But when I told them I am only sporadically employed nowadays and am only making enough to pay bills and feed my family's ever hungry mouths, they seemed to have lost any interest in my call.
They did arrange to send someone around towards the end of February to take a look at my furniture and decide if it is worthy of their collection, but stressed that, if there's anything wrong with it, they will not pick it up.
However, that's not the point to this story, merely a little rant for no particular reason other than thinking how these days beggars CAN be choosers.Back in the day when I arrived to Australia, I had paid 300 bucks for a fridge that was held together by rust, and 150 bucks for a VCR that ate half of my tapes. Eventually I had to keep the lid on top of it open and a screwdriver next to it so I can operate it.
Anyhow, point of the story is, that, while waiting, I did this little chicken scratch of a floating pirate ship and a bunch of circles and stick people, representing the crew:
I often do that and I have a bunch of A4 papers lying around loaded with crap sketches and ideas I never do anything about, but this particular one for some reason bugged me, so I ended up scanning it.
Then I went to do some other, more important stuff.
At some point I looked at it again and not being able to resist, I did another sketch pass on top of it, somewhat more detailed and meaningful:
Aaand, that was the beginning of my doom.
Because then, I thought, it will not take me long to clean this up, and it will make me happy.
And those were my last words.
For the next 3 days, any opportunity I got- I would get back to it, clean it up a little add another character or two, then start feeling guilty and go back to my other, proper work.
Finally yesterday and today, I could do nothing else.Unfortunately, the more I finished it, the worse it looked, composition was (and ended up being) non existent, my ADD would not let me color it properly so it ended up looking the way it does.
But I must admit, even though I feel like I failed, I still like it, because I enjoyed my time while doing it.
I would definitely not call it finished, but I am pretty sure it is as finished as I will ever get it.
Now, the final image is pretty big, over 10K pixel high (even the one I am trying to post here is pretty large).
Anyhow, I am not saying never again, but next time I will think twice about cleanin' sketches.

Cheers to all,


If you want to play a little game or two, here they go:

1 -Tell me which of the characters is the captain.
Hint 1- these particular pirates are also called Chi's crew, and the captain is often overlooked or not taken seriously .
There's other, visual hint to the captain's identity in the image.

2 - Can you tell El Phante's story of revenge ? :)

3- can you tell me which brush size I used for the entire image.

All the clues are in the image itself :)

First person to answer all three, will get a signed A1 print of the image*

*If I ever print any :)

Friday, January 07, 2011

Cheap Knock-Off

Another day, I was sniffing around Frank Cho's message board.
That is something I often do, because guys hanging around there are quite my kind of people.
And there are massive threads loaded with hand picked hot chicks from all around the web, with something for everyone's taste, and with me being omnivorous when it comes to that kind of consumption, pretty much everything I find is to my taste :)
However, I was bored so I started checking other sections of the board, and I came across the info about some gallery in Chicago putting up a Frazetta tribute exhibition.
I quickly rushed to submit my crappy, long ago drawn, death dealer tribute, but unfortunately I was more than two weeks late so I got bumped.
Which is fair enough, particularly since a lot of work already submitted was pooping on every pixel of my piece, so by rejecting my late submission, people over there did me a huge favor.
However, it got me looking at late Frank's gorgeous work again, and I decided to do a Frazetta tribute once a month from now on.
I wanted it to be Frazetta piece, but drawn by Milenko with all of my deformations, quirks and stupid jokes that no one cares about.
So this is a January piece of Frazetta, done by Milenko.
I started sketching it at about 11 PM tonight, and am posting it here now at 2.30 the same night, which means it took me about 3. 5 hours to do, but if I cut out all the time I've spent smoking, and about 45 minutes I've spent dancing to the ridiculous but addictive turbo folk songs from Sejo Kalac, an old country's king of glass breaking pub culture, it probably took me a bit over 2 hours to do it full steam.
Not that time matters at all.
I always find it silly how some people brag about drawing cool stuff fast.It does not matter in the end, as long as you drew something really cool, I do not give a shit if it took you five minutes or five days to get it done.
I am only pointing at the time I've spent on it so it does not get judged too harshly.

Back to King Sejo,
apparently, he is coming to Australia to entertain the masses in diaspora, and I would not miss his performance for anything.
There will be drinking, dancing, broken glass everywhere as well as the opportunity to exchange kind words, kicks and punches with my fellow country men.
How could you miss such event?!
For your amusement, here's the link to one of the songs I am looking forward to hearing.
Who the belly dancing chick is, I have no idea, but watch to around 0:29 seconds of the video, that is when Sejo himself makes an appearance.

I love that shit.

And here's the art :)

Cheers to all,


Monday, January 03, 2011

Maxie And her Monster

Wow, this is fast :)
Old post has not cooled off yet, and here I am already spamming with new work.
Well this one is about girl as well, but much different from the old ones.
I had this idea ( not that it has not been done before, and many many times) about a tomboy-ish rebellious little girl and a monster who, due to circumstances, ended up stuck with her.
The whole thing popped in my mind some weeks ago when I discovered that you can publish e-books without having to print anything on paper.
And one of the things I thought about was a short kids book- something I always wanted to do for my kids but somehow they managed to grow up before I managed to deliver :)
I did a few sketches, and since I had some time yesterday I did some more, then picked one and tried to clean it up and throw some colors at it.
The way colours turned up does not impress me but since it was just a sketch to kind of try and see if I can put any attitude/ personality into the characters I guess i can live with them.
So do not judge it too harshley, I am sure that if I continue fleshing it out, characters will get better defined and everything will come through a bit better altogether.
Anyhow, that's about it, Not much happening on the life side, just grinding through the full time projects that fill up my days now.
Cheers to all, and hope to post soon again,



Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy new one :)

So here we are.
A new year.And today I turned 41.
What a fucking joy.

Well, at least I woke up, did not cough any suspiciously coloured stuff and amazingly, the whole day, nothing hurt!My kids genuinely surprised me with gifts I actually wanted, a bunch of people I like appeared some time later, wished me a happy birthday and presented me with a gifts of alcohol and perfume which I appreciated but was a little surprised about perfume since i do not use any of that stuff, but that might be a reason I got it.
We drank, ate some cakes laughed and eventually they left.
new years eve was fun as well, we went to some Swedish club, where a bunch of people from the old country organized a proper new years eve celebration.
it was everything you could ask for- we had out of tune band, a bunch of people wearing latest old season clothes from those factory discount stores and the keyboard player was stopping the music every five minutes asking people to close fucking balcony door as it was killing the air conditioner.
We sang, danced, consumed alcoholic beverages and at an appropriate time exchanged some punches and swore at each other.Ahh, good times.
I hit the booze early so the evening was incredibly fun. A good Samaritan sitting next to me managed to smuggle in a cooler box loaded with all kinds of goodies. So after some vodka someone bought for me early, he pulled out a bottle of good old maker's mark and made first of his two mistakes for that evening.
First mistake was that he offered me some, and second one, he put his cooler box next to my feet.After we polished a bottle of bourbon, I kept on stealing anything I could find in his box, and ended up drinking beer, wine and whatever else I could find.
My only regret is that I left the last bottle of mixer vodka in- it was his wife's and I was sane enough to know not to take it.New years is the time for the old country women to get into those one size-too-small dresses and high heels which are little bit too high for their comfort, and even though they dance and party all night like there's no tomorrow, they are sufficiently irritated by discomfort their clothes supply that they are prepared to bite anyone's head off for littlest of reasons, and missing vodka cruiser is more than enough reason to rip someone a new one.Anyhow, it was awesome, I was too drunk to participate in a half decent punch out that happened some time after new years, but I did not care.
I was wasted.
When we got home, I barfed, first time in 22 years.Anyhow, alcohol and dinner expulsion was not as much fun as was consuming it, but I could not complain, I had my fun.
Hangover was bearable, so all in all, I had a great couple of days.
Except that I am now officially 41.
But fuck it, at least the end is a little bit closer now :)
Well, today, after everyone left, I decided to spend my evening sketching some chicks, and I managed to do a few with various levels of success.
But At the end of it all, this was the first time in a long time I drew something for myself. And I enjoyed it.
I hope they are decent enough too.
Well, that's it,
Happy new year and the best wishes to everyone,

Until next time,