Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WTF, end of May already?!

End of fucking may?
man what a month.
And what a pathetic excuse for a post.
Basically, I spent the whole month buried into other work, literally had no time to do ANYTHING for myself.
And the work I did I can not share yet. But soon.
So all I have this time is one afternoon of fun I had in this whole month.

Some more sketches for my battle of the Keep scene.

They were never intended to be seen by anyone at this stage, but hey I just discovered that my bottom line for level of finish of work I usually share has dropped a notch.
If it was a testicle, it would be something to brag about. But as it is, it is not a good sign.
Well, 3 months from now the "Vessel" wil be finished (fingers crossed) and I will be jobless (well pretty much work-less, as I am kind of jobless already) And then I will pick my blog and my personal work where I left it.
However, stuff always seems to happen that stops me from doing that.
Usually in a form of someone with money willing to give it to me in return for my silly drawings.
He-he, what a bunch of suckers!
Or really nice people who value my work more than I do. Whatever the definition, they do show up from time to time.
And then I feed. On food. And I share some of it with the rest of my family.
Thankfully, my guys are self sufficient now, everyone earns their own pocket money, so I do not have much to take care of. And they leave me alone, which is often great.
Having kids in my early twenties turned out to be the best thing that happened to me.
Now that I am middle aged and jaded, they ask for nothing and mind their own business, sharing occasional joke, sometimes even a funny one.
Bah, this crap talk is going nowhere, so here is whatever I managed to scrape and share.
Do not be harsh on it all, it was never meant to be seen by other's eyes until it is neat and presentable, but I have to keep this place alive, it still feeds me a sense of freedom and independence.


Cheers to all,