Thursday, July 21, 2011

How long has it been...

Well, ages apparently.

Unfortunately, I got myself so busy with other work that I had no time to draw anything for myself.
But soon, September will be here, and I will have enough time to give some care to this here place and even more important, to start doing stupid and silly personal work I miss so much.
On professional side, "Vessel" should be announced soon, I believe it will make it's first
appearance at some expo called PAX or something which is happening some time in August somewhere in good old US of A.
Then I will share some work from that as well as talk about the whole "dressing up the game" experience.
In my personal world, nothing much happened, and I was so busy, I did not even have the time to rant and rage about anything and I seem to have entered this mellow stage where I do not care about the world any more.
here are 2 street fighter sketches I managed to put together about a week ago.
Not the greatest stuff, I know.

Cheers to all,