Thursday, May 31, 2012

WarmUp Sketches

I started doing these another day.
I am finding it difficult to get myself into the working mood these days and I found it useful to just get doodling whatever when I sit in front of my cintiq in the morning. it gets me in the place where I need to be and the world starts making sense again.
Downside is that, at some point, I have to stop sketching these and get to a real work, the kind that pays the bills and takes care of my many habits.
After finishing "Vessel", a weird sense of depression sunk in. I was working on something that was really consuming and rewarding and once it was all wrapped up, there was an empty pit somewhere within and I had nothing to fill it with.
So, to fix it, I got me some more mercenary work. It did not make me completely happy initially but at least it put me in a familiar mental state, the one I know how to deal with.
And the work got more fun the more I do it, and now, it is an Ideal situation. I can do pretty much whatever I want within the given format and as much or as little as I want every day.
So now, I could say I am happy with where I am.
Here are the sketches and I will be sharing more of these as I go.

Cheers to all,




great stuff, loving the last one... killer angles.


Mike Nassar said...

yeah man. Love your stuff. all look sweet, but love the simplicity of the woman and man in the second image and the last skeleton guy is great.