Sunday, May 20, 2012


Time flies by these days, that is for sure.
I feel really weird, sitting in the limbo, between jobs.
It has never been like this before and weirdly enough, I think I got used to it.
So I started fiddling and enjoying life as it is.
And funny enough, I am much less bitter than usual.
I am catching up on my favorite little TV gems ( I have discovered "Running Wilde" and thouroghly enjoyed last season of Eastbound and down, and am definitely getting my weekly fixes of Game of the thrones)
I do not feel much urge to draw, so I don't.
Also, Mick, thank you for your kind e-mail, and sorry for not replying to it, I am horrible at those things :)
I got a book form a friend long gone (to Cambodia) another day. It blew my mind.
It is weirdest, most beautiful thing I have seen in a long while, called 
And even though I rarely promote anything on this blog here (not because my principles would not let me, but rather because I do not think average visitor here gives any crap- those few that stop by are looking for something else I think) This book is worth a shout, because it sucks you in and blows you away.
Anyhow, beyond that, I feel pretty lame all together, so I will stop here and share a bit more of my fudgy mediocre doodles :)
One was for fun, and another one is along the lines of some funky t-shirt designs.



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Very slick.. Loving the graphic touches on the hair and jacket..