Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guilty Conscience

Eh, it's been forever since I last put something up here.
There's a simple explanation to all that- I've been busy.
However, when I do not get enough time do do a little personal work here and there, I feel like I do not exist any more.
But life is strange and it throws you in weird places.
I have been teaching for the past few months and it has been an incredibly awkward experience. Subjects I am covering are not bad (concept design and such) and the kids are fun to work with and have a lot of raw talent, but I find it really difficult to commit to that career. 
It almost feels like I am stealing time from myself to put into that, and it is very uncomfortable altogether.
I have been living in my basement cave for the past 2 years, rarely seeing another human being other than my family, and I got so used to it that I rarely even left a house. 
It felt safe and cozy, and I got really comfortable there. I grew my beard and nails and had my jars handy.
And now, I have to get up, walk past my track pants and cozy old T, groom myself, wear fancy clothes, catch a bus (it seems everyone there is trying to share as many of their germs with me as possible) and then rock up in front of a bunch of kids and try to tell them something useful every time, and pretend I know what the hell I am talking about :)
And that is it.
Semester finishes in a couple of weeks, and I guess it will end up being one of those experiences that need to be digested in the months to come.
Other than that, SLG is cranking up and we are starting a full time project that is completely different from "Vessel" and anything else I have ever done in my career so far. I got my mind blown a couple of times already, but it was worth it, I know much more now and it is all awesome stuff.
Fiquette is also slowly moving towards the final line as well, it still has a month or 2 worth of work in it but I love playing the prototype, and we only work on it when it feels right and for as long as it is fun.
And now, here is some art.
First image is a "Flig (Flig = Flying Pig) Hunt" I keep on going back to that world, and almost redrawing the same scene over and over again.
I would categorize it as a bunch of critter and character designs thrown together rather than a single image. 
I paid no attention to composition nor any color sense at all, it is just a bunch of elements thrown together on the same page.
Second image is a Pin-up I have been re-sketching for a while, and giving up on it every time.
So it is a salvaging attempt I could not be bothered to take any further.
Aaand that's all for this time around.
I hope I pick it up and get my updates more often.
Cheers to all,



Степан Крани said...

Very funny characters ! ))

Mike Crichlow said...

Rock on! Love to see new work from you. ^_^ Best of luck in the whole teaching thing as well. :)

flaviano said...

long time from the last time i've been here. my bad, always awesome stuff and sweet chicks!

howdy from Italy!