Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another shameful gap...

Man, it has been ages since the last post.
Sometimes, shit happens like that.
Well, I have an excuse, and a bad one.
For some reason, I felt completely spent after my teaching gig, and did not feel any urge to touch pencil for month(s).
Sure I did my shitty little doodles every now and then, and I did immerse myself into the next StrangeLoop project, but beyond that, every time I would try to dedicate a few hours and do some half decent sketch or whatnot, I would fiddle a bit, spend a lot of time staring at what I did, noticing all of the mistakes then gently pressing "do not save" button and moving onto something completely irrelevant and time wasting.
I did discover some amazing and inspiring manga/manhwa Masterpieces ( both being something I have been avoiding all my life, for which I have no excuse) and I have thoroughly enjoyed and hopefully learned something about craftsmanship and working discipline from these heroes of fucking storytelling. For no particular reason, I will mention a few that (even though I approached reading them reluctantly) blew me away and made me feel miserable at the same time.
So here we go, in no particular order:
Sun Ken Rock
Feng Shen Ji

And many more, but these are the ones I remember off the top of my head.
Anyhow, lately, I have been managing to stay a little longer with my sketchy pieces, so here are few I managed to take any distance towards finishing (and decided to save).
From now on, I intend to try and do a bit of warm-up sketching every morning, before I get cranking on the daily work, and I intend to share more often, but I have made promises in the past that I did not honor.
So, here is a few sketches, and please do not judge too harshly, I feel like I am learning to draw all again, as if I forgot all I knew.
Cheers to all,



Mick said...

Always worth the wait. A starting point for my own lady draws flits between 'go the milenko way' and 'go the shane glines way' I usually miss both and end up going my own way and pressing the do not save button too

konradczernik said...

As Mick said. Dude, there are plenty of artist that draws chicks and yours have that sculptural feeling of construction and shape. Love it and pity that you post so rare! Happy New an productive 2013 :)