Monday, January 23, 2012

Hangin' on the wagon :)

Not much this time around,  just this evening's Frazetta practice.
This man keeps to amaze me, with every piece of his I look at.
He was an amazing human being and i wish him all the best wherever he is now :)
I have not done anything like this in over six months and even though it was fun exercise, it was a bit of struggle as well.
Do not judge it too harshly it is stiff and rough around the edges as I found it really hard to maintain attention as I was going through.
Hopefully, I will pick it up again and do some better stuff soon.

That's it for this time,

Cheers to all,


Friday, January 20, 2012

Picking Up the pieces

it has been so long, I do not even know what to say.
Before I start blabbing about this and that, I would like to pass my thanks to everyone stopping by.
You  are better people than me, as I did not even click on my own blog link for months.
Also thank you very much to everyone who sent e-mails and left comments, I apologize for not replying, I just felt so bad about disappearing, I did not know what to say, nor did I want to promise anything because I was not sure when will I be able to come back and start posting again.
And now, here I am ,and promise to try and keep the blog alive from now on.
What a ride I had over the past months :)
Being an indie developer is both blessing and a curse, you are putting your money where your mouth is, but at the same time all the responsibility lies with you to get the job done.
I learned so much about myself and about the process itself in the course of this project.
Being a 4 man game dev band is cool (Plus Kieran and Leonnard) but at the same time, we bit so much that there was a lot of chewing to be done to get it all decent.
Game is finally looking as it should and plays nicely, even though I lost every possible perspective of whether it is looking or playing any good or not. I often had those moments when everything looked like shit, and where I was asking myself if I was digging my own professional grave by putting my name on it and letting other people see my shame.
It is a mixture of art and tech, (first serving the other) so it is a little rough around the edges visually, and it is weird because it is first game I know of that uses physics and simulation  to this extent to construct the gameplay, so sometimes unexpected results ensue. Sometimes they are funny, other times awkward. But still they are amazingly rare, considering the amount of chance it relies on.
It will be out on steam March the first for PC, so if you want to see what I am babbling about, check it out.
During the course of development, I often remembered words of my friend-
"I am so busy, I Can't even spare time to fart!"
However, I have to point here that I was just making the video-game while he, at the time, was making his riches by working as a man-whore in a German gay Bordello.
But Now I understand how he felt :)
Another thing that happened about 4 months ago was that I had a massive health scare, which got me pretty depressed, scared and unmotivated.
Let's not go into details, but 3 months, 3 x-rays one CAT scan and 2 visits to the specialist later I finally found out I will get better and live :)
I also turned 42 a couple of weeks ago, and since I did I have been thinking about all these weird things.
Like so far:
-  I have spent about 15 years of my life sleeping.
-  I ate about 15 tonnes of food (at least)
- I smoked about 200 000 cigarettes (which adds up to continuously inhaling and exhaling smoke for about 2 years)
- I have earned and then spent over a million dollars and yet spent those years at the bottom of the middle class pile...
There is no statistic to this so it could be off by a bit, but pretty close to being accurate.
Anyhow, this is plenty for the first post in ages, so here are a few images and I seriously promise that more are coming real soon :)
Thank you all very very much for hanging around,
Kind regards,

PS, just a little add on:
I do not want to come across as some kind of pervo trolling the facebook and looking for images of girls taking pictures of themselves, ( I barely visit my own profile once in a couple of months)- I did notice the trend though, and that page  of sketches (and a few others) are actually research for a line of T-shirt designs which I intend to call "facelook".
I still did not come up with a style or simplicity of design I am after though, and am too busy with other stuff to see it through, but one day...
Lame, hey?