Friday, July 20, 2012

Does it ring any bells?

 I was drawing again without using damn reference, so I am sure I got most of it wrong but what the hell, that's the way I am :)
Can anyone guess who was it supposed to be?
That's all this time,



PS. In case you did not know, to view images in full size, right click on the image and select open in new window or new tab :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A mixed bag of goodies

Well, it was that time, it has been a while since the last post and so on.
This time around, I scrapped whatever was lying around, and that's it. Sketches as random as they get.
Other things are kind of exciting, Dimsdale and Kreozot, a wobbly union consisting of myself and my friend Ross McRae is actually coming together one more time, and we are now really working on the Mr Fiquette game for mobile. Digging those sketches out, dusting them off, and putting the World of Fiquette together for the first time is loads of fun, and it looks like we will have enough steam to see it through, as we both got our bits of work beyond the point where it is easy to give up. Art is probably at about 70 % done, and Rossie is catching up with code.
Also, I have put together a little page over at wordpress Just for fiquette (check the image-link on the right side of the blog), and we will update it constantly with interesting items and anecdotesfrom development process as the work is coming together.
I have also done a bunch of art for 2 other I phone games, StrangeLoop (gang behind the vessel) is shifting gears once again and slowly rolling into our next adventure, I got a bit of a concept art/ industry experience teaching gig Over at that University aand I got me some sweet storyboard work as well.
So life is rosy, but that could just be the way I see it, due to the high blood pressure or whatnot.
I have truly become a hermit, I leave house only on the weekends and shave just for those special times when my wife stops looking at my face when she is talking to me.
Just as I always dreamed it will be.
And cheers to all now,