Monday, February 04, 2013

One trick pony.

I took a stroll through my stuff last night, and realized it is slowly becoming a really bland experience, even to me.
Sure I like drawing girls, but after looking at stuff so far, they are not that great.
Or at least not as great as I would like them to be.
(ah btw, when I say stuff like this, I am not fishing for sympathy or reassurance I am just ranting at myself for not getting where I want to be, hoping it will push me to get there)
Also, I really enjoy drawing other stuff, inventing characters and little stories that go with them.
Somehow, I do not do that any more.
Well, I do, I doodle that stuff on little pieces of paper all over my desk, but never deem them worthy of scanning or sharing at all.
Also, trying to work simultaneously on 3 pretty full on projects leaves me no time to take anything to a decent level, so I just give up and when I am finally finished with my working day, I get kind of tired and bored of the pencil or cintiq or whatever so I just want to slouch down and catch a few episodes of my favorite shows before I go to bed.
Today, I took a little break before lunch and scribbled some faces directly in PS so I do not have to scan anything in.
And will try to do that every once in a while.
And will chuck them here no matter what.
And will try to do that every day and see how I go.

So here they are.




Those look pretty clean to me...
Really like the treatment..


Mike Crichlow said...

I like your pretty girls and I like your other character work as well. More art in general always makes me happy. :)

Keep doing what you're doing. Much respect! ^_^

Don Flores said...

This is awesome that you can critique yourself like this, especially on your blog for all to see. This is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your growth and process.

Milenko said...

Don, when it is my blog, I can do whatever i want on it :)

Sometimes it feels cleansing to give yourself a kick in a butt.

And all you guys, thanks for your comments, and even though I reply rarely (mostly because I do not know what to say),
I really appreciate people taking time to let me know I am not alone and that his place here is not collecting dust all the time.

Cheers to all,


lach said...

3 Projects? holy crap.
Don't know how you get it all done