Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When I fail...

I fail hard.
I had this sketch in my Photoshop for a couple of days. It started as something completely different and then, in the attempt to make a shit pie I turned it into this.
And it doesn't work on so many levels.
Biggest flaw being it does not look like anything I wanted to get in the end.
And I bow my head in shame.
To my defense, I have been a bit wobbly again in the last couple of days and do have one of those artist blocks.
So, I hope it goes away And I can do a little bit better.




Mike Crichlow said...

I know artists are rarely satisfied with their own work, but I think this pic is hot. Love it! Velma was always the hottest girl to me and it's cool to see your interpretation of her. :)

Fabs said...

You MUST be kidding! This one is freaking beautiful! What you wanted to do that you feel this great piece gone wrong?

Milenko said...

Fabs, thanks mate.
it did not turn out horribly, and that is the reason I am posting it anyhow, but reason I am unhappy is because it did not turn as good as I intended. I think that on my "weak of mind" days, when I am doing a digital sketching or drawing or whatever I get lost in the detail, and screw up the big picture.
In Photoshop, if you are working on a canvas big enough, it is really easy to zoom in as far s you want and draw all the detail your heart desires. However at the same time, the piece only works if you maintain equal line and detail quality all the way across the whole image.
In this case, I did an over all sketch that I was happy with, but then, when I was doing second pass sketch I went in too far and put too much detail in her face. linework I am happy with, but distribution of the features (distance between the eyes, cluster of all the facial features and their sizes in relation to the size of the head) throws me off just enough to feel like I failed. Now, it would be easy to fix with another pass, but for the time being I am done, but unhappy.


Looks great to me.

I think regardless of how you may feel about it as an artist looking at the art you need to bear in mind that your still MAKING something. Even if you feel that it's unsuccessful it's teaching you and keeping you artistically sharper then you would be if you simply didn't do any images period...

I struggle with this a lot myself, and it helps to hear that artists I really like/admire also have similar struggles.