Saturday, October 19, 2013

Masters of Anatomy!

As is usual, unwittingly I accepted to partake in that MASTERS OF ANATOMY Kickstarter project.
Only to find myself completely out of my league.
Why does it always happen to me.
I somehow always get paired with these ridiculously talented people, clearly out of my league and then I end up frustrated and freaking out that I am going to be uncovered as a fraud that I am, and that weakness of my craft is going to be obvious and exposed once it gets placed next to some really really good work.
Anyhow, in order to preserve as much dignity as I possibly can, I am doing these sketching/cleaning exercises to at least improve the quality of my lines a little.
Below are some of the exercise samples.
Anyhow, if  either one of you (two) are keen to support the project on Kickstarter head there and pledge some change.
I checked it another day, and honestly think that asking funding was too low. And now that funding got exceeded by quite a bit, people are asking for stretch goals and shit.
I think it is poorly communicated that each pledge is more like a book purchase, so the more funds are raised it simply means that more people have purchased the book. And each copy has to be printed packed and shipped so goals really can not be stretched much, since with each pledge, logistics of the exercise go up as well.
Also, once the books are printed packed and shipped, 100 artists who ended up contributing have very little money left in the pool to get reimbursed for the work they did.
If you consider that 6 designs each artist is producing are not cheap sketches, and at the bottom line would be worth about 100 bucks each. And some of the names on the list would laugh at that rate considering their fame. So when you multiply that base price by 6 and then by 100 artists, numbers quickly add up.
I doubt that that much would be left in the pool after all the printing packing and shipping even if the funding doubled from what it is now.
Most of us are not doing it for money though so whatever in that regard, just sayin' :)
Well anyhow,

Here are some of my "Rocky" practice sketches, must do a bunch more before I am ready to do my turnarounds :)





Thats Awesome MATE!
looks like a good group of Dudes too.

I'm sure you'll dazzle with some amazing drawings.
Have you decided the specifics of your figures yet?


Milenko said...

thanks for the comment man :)
Basically when it comes down to specifics, it is pretty much male and female figure in 3 poses. The standard half of turnaround.
What is my understanding, or at least what I am going to do one way or the other, is to apply specifics of my personal style to the design. So for example, my girls have big heads, small torsos with big boobs exaggeratedly thin waist and nice legs with bottom part of the leg (knee down)longer than in reality and slightly bigger feet.
That is the turnaround I will be delivering. Using my own style's ideal proportions for both male and female. I think that everyone else is doing the same, so it will basically be a book deconstructing each artist's personal style for human characters.

Nicholas Frawley said...

sounds great! cant wait to see your stuff Milenko, will be grabbing a copy for my library at home!